The boys are not alright

boys are not all right top comment by a liberal woman pastor


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  1. lynn oliver says:

    Our society has created a very harmful world for students. We have in place the genetics model, a very hurtful and false teaching in school and society today. The schools are teaching students they are more or less naturally and “permanently” good at this and bad at that. This model is being taught to students from as early as first grade, but the bite of it doesn’t hit students until middle school where that very harmful teaching then leads to separation of students into supposed ability levels. At this point you have students in the higher areas given much more kind, caring upward lessons by teachers. You then have teachers teaching the perceived lower level students, falsely considered as less than average students, which features more mundane and even repeated lessons for the students. Those students then clearly recognize this as simply busy work. The teachers will also usually talk in more simple and patronizing ways, and this, the students also quickly pick up on as degrading for them. The total treatment then tells those students with vivid handwriting on the wall, they are not considered worthwhile students. Those students are also isolated from their peers in the higher classes and then truly feel more hopeless. This tells those students they will be in lower areas of society. At this time, many students just give up altogether.
    We must remove this false teaching of genetic permanence in ability from our schools and society by showing all students more truthfully how their individual environments greatly affect thinking, learning, motivation, and mental health. By showing students how their individual environments greatly affect their ability to think, learn, motivation to learn, and grow mentally and emotionally (and not genetics), students will have much more respect and esteem for themselves and for others. We can then, immediately release students and adults from that horrible myth of genetic permanence in ability, which does not recognize any environmental variables continually affecting our lives. This in itself will boost student esteem and feelings of self-worth for all of us. Then by providing students and adults with tools to approach their lives more delicately and differently to continually change and improve their lives over time, students will have a continuous hope of developing in time, many if not all of the qualities they admire in others. Students and adults will then have a continuous hope of changing and becoming newer and better persons with each passing day. This will reduce much hopelessness, many harmful escapes, and other problems created by the terrible teachings of fixed intelligences in school such as dropouts, drug/alcohol abuse, catharsis of violence, and suicide.
    As for boys and suicide/violence, we need to understand the aggressive/less supportive treatment given boys to make them tough is creating massive failure and hopelessness for boys in all socioeconomic areas, just less so in higher areas. When we see average stress correctly as many maintained layers of mental work with situational problems going on top of this average, we can see how the many stored angers, fears, anxieties, preparation for defense thrust upon boys along with much less kind, stable, verbal interaction for fear of coddling creates – much higher average stress hurting thinking, learning, motivation, reading, more activity; higher muscle tension hurting handwriting fine motor skills; and much lower social vocabulary communication skills hurting reading, writing, communicating with adults with confidence. Sadly, the false genetics model cannot see how the very good treatment we as girls receive as opposed the more aggressive treatment given boys is creating very successful girls and many failing boys. With our false genetic models, we are then creating much hopelessness for boys in school and life for the future. This then makes suicide and suicide with violence a very real option for many boys who through much failure, lose sufficient feelings of self-worth to the point of suicide and suicide with violence.

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