Are the Beatitudes implicit admonitions?

This responding to a letter from someone following up on the discussion.

Oh my, do I dare do a third video? 🙂 You’re point is terrific and one that I failed to make even in my verbosity. This show thing is a public example of my insufficiencies. 🙂 this is why the Sermon on the Mount continues to resist expositors to explicate it sufficiently. Notice how many books there are JUST on this one sermon. 🙂

You’re right here. Ought we to read the Beatitudes as admonition? I think the force of them is not direct admonition but there remains a sense to it. I think the primary layer is eschatalogical blessing of God turning over the powers of this world. Do you think the strong and the ruthless will win? (See Psalm 37) No, the LORD is God and it is he that finally will rule over history.
  • Rule 1 Now what if you are strong? You ought to be like Christ in Phil 2. Use your power to serve the lowest and the weakest and to lift them up.
  • Rule 2 What if you are lowly, ought you to grab power using evil at the expense of those even more lowly or vulnerable? No. If power comes to you so be it, see rule 1.
Jesus says the greatest in the kingdom is the servant of all and this is exactly what he acts out. We ought to do the same.
This doesn’t mean that if you are healthy in body or happy in your hierarchy you ought to be seek out being weak or stupid. Strength and intelligence are gifts from God to be used in the way he designed them to be used, for the flourishing of his good creation.
Does that make sense? Let me know. pvk

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