Matt Dillahunty with Jordan Peterson

won it


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2 Responses to Matt Dillahunty with Jordan Peterson

  1. Tylor Lovins says:

    Hey Paul! I wrote the JP intro article you shared a few days back. I watched this discussion in the hope that it might move beyond the stultifying “Does God exist?” question. I, myself, read philosophy theology, and works of general theology, though I cannot claim to be a Christian. So I wrote on how we might move this conversation forward. I thought you might be interested:

    • PaulVK says:

      Thanks Tylor for pointing out the piece. I thought it was helpful. My peacemaker tendencies have long wanted to work on helping people who can’t in this moment profess conventional Christian beliefs still explore belonging ien the Christian community. Given the enormous diversity of explanations of belief found throughout the history of the church it seems possible to flex enough to allow room for atheist others within. That flexing naturally leads us to ask “then what really IS faith?”

      Watching JBP and Dillahunty talk past each other for so long was painful. I felt a similar thing watching JBP and William Lane Craig talk past each other. Your piece was stimulating or at least stimulated ME! 🙂

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