John Vervaeke and Jonathan Pageau

  • 47: “we do not have places where we can go for wisdom/ascent (anagoge)” Verkaeke
  • 52: “3rd Generation of Cognitive Science is trying to reconnect the world in which we don’t belong. How do we fit back into this world view.” Verkaeke
  • 59. What is Verkaeke’s telos? “enhanced meaning in life”
  • 1:02 Verkaeke “Doing taoism is about getting a perspective it’s not like having beliefs…”
  • 1:04 “Getting back to an enacted sacredness is the solution to the meaning crisis” Verkaeke
  • 1:07:30 “Whenever we’re categorizing we’re doing relevance similarity” Verkaeke
  • 1:09 “The world and the mind are mutually coupled together so they are mutually self-disclosing. Mutual self-disclosure is love, it’s the meeting of heaven and earth. ” Verkaeke
  • 1:11 “Relevance realization is deeply interested in relevance realization.”
  • 1:11:45 “When we make meaning making meaningful to us and we cultivate it that’s what I mean be sacredness” Verkaeke
  •  1:14 “this here-now-ness isn’t the same kind of knowing or believing as people knowing stuff or having certain skills”
  • 1:15 Jonathan, Irenaus against the gnostics it is the union of heaven and earth
  • 1:16 “knowing by loving…” Verkaeke
  • 1:17 Vervaeke goes full Peterson “that’s just false!” Takes a bit swipe at the Matt Dillahunty types


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