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  1. Hi, Paul. I just read this and feel it is the best criticism of Peterson to date. Yet, I wonder about sour grapes for Peterson’s c-16 criticism, as Schiff’s is the parent of a transgender person. I am really getting to like Peterson but agree that everyone would have trouble (including JBP) keeping up with the 12 Rules for Life #6. I don’t expect anyone I follow to be perfect, because no one can achieve that. Setting your house in order before criticising is damned near impossible as is 1 Timothy 3:2. So, I cannot contend with Schiff as only he knows Peterson. The Sour Grapes for Bill C-16 is the best criticism I have since Schiff had to throw that in. I’d like to see you make a video on this piece of criticism or at least a short blog post. I have watched every JBP video of yours since you started and many of the sermon videos on Friday. Keep up the great work

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