Why is Psychology silent when it comes to atheism?

Queer, LGBTQ, minority stress, atheist as a marginalized population,

  • 33:57 saying nothing is saying something
  • 36:50 psychology professors are highly atheistic
  • 37:30 Freud quote
  • 39: cognitive behavioral therapy. True believism is essentially emotional disturbance Albert Ellis
  • 40: A Mormon researcher is that science lost its authority as source of truth. A.E. Bergin.
  • 45: degree of certainty of beliefs rather than beliefs themselves
  • mental health and distress: stigma and discrimination
  • What is “mental health”? pvk
  • pvk: what would it mean if we equate mental health with lack of dissonance and we discover that dissonance and diversity are linked and therefore mental health means being able to live in a bubble where everyone around you believes exactly what you believe. Where is this going?
  • 47: stigma and discrimination against atheists

atheist discrimination

minority stress theory

community building atheist minority stress

  • religious congregations are the most common form of community: putnam and campbell
  • and she ends with a little sermonic admonition: “we need to build that community we need to build it brick by skeptical brick” and even gets woowoo in.

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