“the Bible’s #metoo Problem”

This is pretty typical of the gospel of our present age. How does the rape of Dinah story play out? Were not her brothers bent on revenge? Did the perps get away with it or were they slaughtered by the “righteous” cause of her brothers?

what does she propose. “Empathy”. Does empathy not just as often rush in with the vehemence of Dinah’s brothers?

She’s right in that we SHOULD preach on these passages more. I don’t see the problem as being in the Bible.

The script goes like this.

  1. find a story of evil in the bible
  2. Say that the bible condones the evil within its scenes
  3. insert whatever contemporary “solution” is imagined to be at hand
  4. boom world fixed “if they would only listen to me and my >>>>”

This type of thing denies that the line between good and evil runs through every human heart. The evil is with men. the evil is with the other group over there. If my favorite group were in charge the kingdom would come and utopia would reign.

hint. You never get heaven on earth without bringing hell here too.

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