Unpacking Peggy’s Knapsack


All of which means that pretty much anything you read about ‘white privilege’ is traceable to an ‘experiential’ essay written by a woman who benefitted [sic] from massive wealth, a panoply of aristocratic connections, and absolutely no self-awareness whatsoever.


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1 Response to Unpacking Peggy’s Knapsack

  1. Nate Van Denend says:

    This article provides a little more evidence for the hypothesis that racial tensions are fueled by elite whites so they can maintain perceived cultural, moral and ethical superiority. In the old days animosity was fueled between blacks and whites by denegrating blacks. This kept poor whites and poor blacks from seeing themselves as political partners and potentially overturning the elite white grip on power. Now the game is played in reciprocal fashion. Poor whites are told they have privilege in order to continue to fuel the same racial animosity that is so beneficial to the elite white ruling class.

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