JBP’s British GQ Interview



Meetup quote 27:50


  • 0:50 The discussion between responsibility and meaning
  • how they can build a foundation underneath them that works
  • 2:00 integrating his reading, clinical work, etc.
  • don’t make a good case in our culture on why it’s a good thing to be an adult
  • 5:00 JBP lists ways that men suffer in society
  • 1:07 Act as if is “believe”


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2 Responses to JBP’s British GQ Interview

  1. Steve Rice says:

    I wasn’t sure how to contact you, so am using this. I watch a lot of your youtube videos and wanted to say how much I appreciate what you are doing in engaging as a Christian with Peterson et al. I wish additional capable Christians and apologists would do that. I also wanted to make you aware of (if you don’t know already) of someone I just discovered who is a Christian and has a lot in common with Jordan Peterson’s message of the hero story etc. His name is Michael Walsh and he has two books: Devil’s Pleasure Palace and Fiery Angel (just out). He has a few youtube interviews.
    Thanks again and may God bless you,
    Steve Rice

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