The Donald made them do it

Best title all year

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3 Responses to The Donald made them do it

  1. Bill VIS says:

    Not only a provocative title. Also a balanced reasoned critique of the excesses of some elements in the mainstream media. It was good to read

  2. They forgot that many people rejected the legitimacy of George W. Bush until 9/11 (from the first paragraph).

  3. Leonard J Vander Zee says:

    This is a nicely selective piece of punditry. The raw facts are that Trump is campaigning on lies about a “mob” of Democrats who want “open borders,” a dangerous “invasion” by an impoverished caravan of mostly women and children to me met by 15,000 troops, and a depiction of the press as “enemies of the people.” I believe that Trump’s nationalistic rhetoric will, of unchecked, lead to a very different America that is at odds with our founding values, not to mention Christian principles.

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