What did Aquinas want as reward for his labors?

From a course by Peter Kreeft on Aquinas

To conclude this short biography, the following story about Aquinas is incredibly telling, Brother Reginald, his confessor, swore that in the middle of the night he saw Thomas alone, lying flat on his stomach on the floor of the chapel, conversing with Christ. A voice came from the crucifix over the altar. It asked Thomas the greatest question in the world, and Thomas gave the greatest answer. It said, “Thomas, my son, you have written well of me. What would you have as your reward?” And Thomas answered, with characteristic brevity, “Only Yourself, Lord.” Those are the three most eloquent words Aquinas ever wrote. (He wrote about ten million words.) Nobody ever put the meaning of life in fewer words than that. Those were the most perfect summary of theology that he ever spoke. I think even an atheist can admire the perfect style of his answer.

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