DBH and JP on Consciousness and Panpsychism

  • 17: the intentional 17th century separation of mind and nature
  • 27: computer: those elements formally imposed… by a final causality
  • 28: emergence divorced from the properties of its derivative parts is simply another word for magic
  • 29: exclusion of formal and final causes, reducible of local motion
  • 31: reason abhors a dualism, method metastasized into a metaphysic
  • 39 since Hume we now simply presume
  • 44 final causes are indiscernible from material composition (which is essentially the definition of “a thing”. It is the whole purpose of making a thing or forcing a person to become a thing. the only way out is a monism or some totalizing pantheism in which, once again apprehension of our particularism is illusory, but it itself can’t account for the “emergence” of the illusion.)
  • 48: why hierarchies in life
  • 53 “even matter, if there is such a thing, already has in its constitution the character of mind”
  • 56: the phenomenon cannot fit the model, therefore the model must be retained and the phenomenon denied
  • 57 Mind and nature, mind comes first is the best way to understand nature (cosmological argument)



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