Don’t Call it Cultural marxism

Christianity and Critical Theory

Premise 1: “our individual identity, who we are as individuals, is inseparable from our group identity.”
Premise 2: “Oppressor groups subjugate oppressed groups through the exercise of hegemonic power.”
Premise 3: “our fundamental moral duty is freeing groups from oppression.”
Premise 4: “‘Lived experience’ is more important than objective evidence in understanding oppression.”
Premise 5: “Oppressor groups hide their oppression under the guise of objectivity.”
Premise 6: “Individuals at the intersection of different oppressed groups experience oppression in a unique way.”

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1 Response to Don’t Call it Cultural marxism

  1. Edward Freeman says:

    Just spent an hour or so exploring his website, which had lots of great material on it, including memes!

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