John Cleese vs. Religious People

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  1. Rob Braun says:

    That was great Paul. I remember that interview over the Life of Brian. I’m old enough. To this day I see the “Life of Brian” as a very valid commentary on Historic Christianity and the way it missed the mark of Jesus over and over again. The Key here is that Christians down through the ages have recognized they have fallen short and through Reformations, Counter Reformations, revivals and great awakenings have constantly checked and rechecked themselves over as to whether they are still authentic followers of Christ. In the Life of Brian, there’s a particular part that reminds me of many Synod, Classis and Council meetings I’ve gone to where the battle cry is, “Action is what we need to take! Action!” And the reply is, “Yes, Action is what we need to take!” over and over again and in the end, no action is ever actually taken..

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