Frank and Francis Schaeffer

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5 Responses to Frank and Francis Schaeffer

  1. Rob Braun says:

    I studied at Swiss L’Abri when he was living there with his parents. He was under the spot light all the time from the other students and staff. He never really had a authentic chance to be a child and grow up. Ironically, Franklin Graham was there then too and the two of them hung out together. It is amazing to me how divergent a path they both took later in their lives. I think he was under a lot of pressure to measure up to his Father. Even then. I can understand why he went off the rails like he did because of it. It wounds me to hear him today speak like this. It really does.

  2. themo515 says:

    Frank Schaeffer typifies, and probably helped define, what a PK was prior to the term even being coined. Basically trying to destroy his Pastor Fathers faith because of bitterness, resentment of a lost childhood. Sees himself as being wronged somehow. The irony, based on Pastor Paul’s podcast with Byrne Power, was that he was a major facilitator and contributor to his father becoming what he publicly became, a darling of the christian right. According to Byrne Power, Frank was money hungry and never displayed a heart for God and/or people.

    • minnborn53 says:

      Amen. Pk is right! I knew Franklin Graham then too and once had an extended talk with him over dinner one evening. It was at a time when he had just decided to walk the faith path of his father. He was very humble about it. I’d even say broken too. Franky Schaeffer, on the other hand, was a bit of a wild child, even spoiled. He worried me all those years ago. He never struck me as a person who had developed his own commitment of faith back then. Again, I feel for him. When I hear his videos it deeply saddens me. He sounds so lost to me. I’d love to sit down with him again and talk about it.

    • Hi this is Byrne Power, allow me to correct an misleading impression here. The first part of your characterization that Frank facilitated Francis’ entry into the realms of Christian filmmaking and thus garner the attention of the Christian Right is correct. However I never implied that Frank was ‘money hungry”. Rather that he had become dependent on the ‘Christian ghetto’ (to use his own words) economically, thus he became trapped wearing a mask that increasingly didn’t fit him. Most of us at one point or another are trapped economically by our work. The fact that we have to make a living doesn’t make us money hungry, but it does create tensions in our lives. And I never commented on the state of his heart, nor would I ever presume to truly understand the state of anyone’s heart.

      • Hello and thank you for the clarification. I sincerely apologize for putting words in your mouth, so to speak, and then drawing subsequent conclusions from a false premise. I will in the future take more care and thought before citing others. I will delete the post. Thank you!

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