All Trump’s Women

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3 Responses to All Trump’s Women

  1. This article is beneath you!

    • PaulVK says:

      You should read my “about” page on my blog. I don’t necessarily endorse or promote anything I link to in my blog. I just use my blog to archive links I find interesting and might want to return to. You’ll find the boring, silly, offensive, and outrageous linked to on my blog.

      I find the Trump and women to be in keeping what we’ve seen throughout history. I am not skeptical that Trump is a womanizer. He was in the news for years when I was growing up in NJ. I didn’t even read the article. I saw it on Twitter and I wanted to read it later. If you want to comment on the article go ahead. I’ll see your comment. But you should understand HOW I use this blog. pvk

  2. I just don’t know why you find this interesting? Of course it’s probably all true but seems odd you’d post something in the vain of known gossip with a post about Vervaeke. I really respect you I just found it odd and beneath you based on my hierarchical view of you.

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