She Ben-opped, and it didn’t work

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  1. The problem with the Benedict option is not the validity of its content but simply timing. Christianity will continue to decline and it’s not the fault of those that are trying to preserve it’s just people are not giving an adequate reason to do so.

    In my opinion, and what inspired the Benedict option in the first place, was a state of calamity in Rome that led to the preservation of the Christian faith. And there is what’s in fact missing both on personal and national level. The country and the lady’s family have not sufficiently had a triggering event or trial where they looked for meta physical answers to deep personal issues. There are exceptions, but for the most part the real Christians I know are those who have been down in the valley and had to look up.

    In short, if you want the BenOp to work, you are going to want some sort of gross calamity to draw people in, unfortunately I don’t see it being effective prior until it’s absolutely needed. That time is not now, again, unfortunately.

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