“Are women destroying academia?” Janice Fiamengo

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1 Response to “Are women destroying academia?” Janice Fiamengo

  1. bryanbergman says:

    Paul, I respect much of your work. Reading Living on the Boundaries (link below), I am troubled by the friction that Christian women in academia often find when it comes to their careers being taken seriously in the church. Surely neuroticism can be an obstacle to good work. Perhaps women trend neurotic more than men, wherever the study was conducted at least. On the other hand, a little more neuroticism might have softened, e.g., the rise of social Darwinism in the academy. How would you square an article like the one you posted with potential value of Christian women in academia and their lack of support from the church? Perhaps more female involvement in academia might have prevented the hyper-reaction to bad men we are now seeing, if indeed the power of women tends to curb sometimes-necessary-for-genius male aggression. I appreciate your thoughts.

    c.f. https://www.amazon.com/Living-Boundaries-Evangelical-Feminism-Theological/dp/0830826653

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