Chloe Valdary Pain and Narrative Creation

Without a grand narrative to situation many “others” common traumas will produce narratives that produce enemy-others. You will tribe up against those enemy-others and humanity replays many bloody sad stories.

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2 Responses to Chloe Valdary Pain and Narrative Creation

  1. Paul Bedore says:

    Paul can you elaborate on this a little further? I’m having trouble understanding your point, which I’d really like to understand. Thanks!

  2. PaulVK says:

    We are stories and our stories are lived nested in other stories. When trauma hits we cope with the trauma by turning it into a story, usually a story that is self-serving. “He hit me!” “Well he hit me first (my violence was justified!)” This scales up.

    If you don’t have a grand narrative to contain this story it will scale up to become your grand story. Your story will give you an identity and if you can find others that share that identity you will have a communal story. The difficulty is that most of these identity aspects are limited and intersectional. The cycle will run in reverse and you will again be a team of one.

    In Christ we have someone else to center our team upon, not ourselves. There is room for other races, sexes, etc. within him but he is the center.

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