Weinstein Douthat Portal Episode



  • 35:37: Breakdown of the “workhorse” generational hand-off
  • 45: Both sides not working, positions are still occupied but less energy
  • 58: religious scientists, jesus smuggling, no God for your gaps
  • 1:06 The Genius of Trump
  • 1:40 Appalachian
  • 1:45 the citadel and expertise
  • 1:52 we’ve lost the universities
  • 1:55 crisis of the university
  • 2:02 expert class denatured corrupt
  • 2:08 the outsider and the inner ring.
  • 2:10 baby boomer and the next generation
  • 2:14 no grandchildren
  • 2:16 intuit the bankruptcy of the system
  • 2:22 Hitler, halfway house of Xian and yet Decadent
  • Memifying Jesus, leadership
  • 2:29 the breach in the wall and the inner ring

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