Peter Thiel on Socrates in the City Eric Metaxas



  • 6:10 Human beings are the only ones that can invent new things
  • 23: James Tour
  • 26: European eschatology: 1. Islam 2. China 3. Greta
  • 28 Interiority vs exteriority
  • 32 costs 50% more to build a mile of subway in NYC
  • 34: University corruption analogous to Medieval RC church
  • 36: PT had a fantasy about starting a new university
  • 40: Ivy League as Studio 54
  • 43 Republicans don’t go after the University because they want their kids to go
  • 1:00 Peter Thiel in The NewYorker on being a Christian. Just being a Christian is controversial enough in NYC
  • 1:06 Gilligan’s Island as 7 Deadly Sins
  • 1:08 Wonder at secrets left to be discovered, Faith in God is an endlessly revealing secret. Those things are related. Back to Christian interiority.
  • 1:10 “pop psychology ala Jordan Peterson”
  • 1:12 Not a shortage morality but too much morality
  • 1:14 Cannabalistic mean, continuity with the past

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