Ryan Holiday on Portal


  • 1:06 Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix
  • 1:10 Low agency person (EW term) https://medium.com/thrive-global/are-you-a-high-agency-person-how-to-respond-when-you-hear-no-db3cafff6b1d
  • 1:11 EW question biggest distortions wrestling with in our minds are, resolution that catapults us to a different understanding of our environment? Peers say unrootedness, unteathered, they are looking for it everywhere, Looking for peace, meaning in psychodelics, polyamorous relationships, traveling, influence, EW says that’s the same list he’d do… The solution to elite angst and anxiety and alt right anger and fear is “get married, have children, live within your means, find work that’s purposeful…” Tulum Mexico… “What it is that you’re looking for is family and joining your local mosque, church, synagogue whether or not you believe…” Family sized hole in your souls… The idea isn’t occurring to these people.
  • 1:16 the ancient anti-death strategy…
  • 1:47 Do you see your own hypocrisy clearly…
  • 1:49:51 Collapse in norms in politics

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