Vaush, Distributist, Debate

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1 Response to Vaush, Distributist, Debate

  1. Max Rockatansky says:

    Totally agree with the video. I don’t think anyone gets anything constructive out of “debating” someone who doesn’t come to the table in good faith. It’s pointless and they shouldn’t get a platform. I believe Pastor Paul you’ve had at least two conversations with Vaush, mostly forgettable , but for one thing, he was, as the video states using the motte of calling Dr. Peterson a fascist numerous times. I was upset that you didn’t defend him at the time but now I see you exercised restraint which is a credit to you. In short, Vaush, and others like him, create a cesspool begging others to jump in, including “debate” partners not knowing when leaving will get dirty. Thanks for not getting dirty.

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