Grant Napear fired over “all lives matter”

The controversy erupted Sunday evening when a Twitter exchange between Napear and Cousins led to responses from hundreds of other social media users, including former Kings players Chris Webber and Matt Barnes. Amid a weekend of unrest across the United States following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Cousins asked Napear for his opinion of Black Lives Matter.

Napear responded: “Hey!!!! How are you? Thought you forgot about me. Haven’t heard from you in years. ALL LIVES MATTER. … EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!”

Cousins was seemingly not surprised Napear would assert that “all lives matter,” a phrase commonly perceived as dismissive to the Black Lives Matter movement against injustice and police brutality.

“Lol as expected,” Cousins replied.

Webber joined the discussion Monday morning.

“Demarcus we know and have known who grant is,” Webber tweeted. “The team knows as well. I’ve told them many times. They’ve seen it. They know who he is.”

Webber punctuated the tweet with two clown emojis.

Barnes weighed in on Napear’s response to Cousins, too.

“Would expect nothing less from a closet racist,” Barnes tweeted.

Napear apologized in an interview with The Sacramento Bee on Monday morning, saying he planned to apologize during his afternoon show as well.

“I’m not as educated on BLM as I thought I was,” Napear said. “I had no idea that when I said ‘All Lives Matter’ that it was counter to what BLM was trying to get across.”

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