Zero HP Lovecraft COVID/Floyd new religion

Doublethink and newspeak are not born of vice, but from DESIRE FOR VIRTUE. Doublethink makes you feel righteous, holy

Orwell presents oppressive power as cynical, self-aware, intelligent, cold. It is none of those things. Oppressive power is warm and welcoming, and it doesn’t want to hurt you, it wants to make you into a “better person” according to its own twisted understanding

As we watch our cities tear themselves apart, and our “leaders” fight to denounce each other, and our police kneel to their new lords, notice how newspeak is deployed to tell you how you must react

We are witnesses to the birth of a new faith and a new church, but most people still don’t see it, or they deny it, maybe because their definition of religion is too narrow, or maybe because there is no good name yet for this new faith

When Christians tell you how naughty you are, you don’t believe them, because queerism has married state power, and eroded the shame we feel for sexual sins. When the faith with no name tells you how naughty you are, it proves it with wild spectacles


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