Jo Luehmann “I am a (woke) Christian”

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  1. Heidi Robinson says:

    I’m continuing to deconstruct my Christian beliefs, as I have most of my adult life anyway. I still believe in the Holy Trinity. I still believe that God created all living things & people. I still believe that God loves us despite our sins. I still believe that we’re obviously living in the beginning of the end times. Jesus Christ is Lord. I still & always will believe that Jesus Christ will return soon for His forgiven Body of Jesus Christ followers. The word repent is taught accurately in the KJV Bible in 7 different context meanings. The word happy comes from the word happen. Happiness is based on your circumstances. Also, it’s important to know that we really are fearfully & wonderfully created in God’s image. Male & female. Evolution is lies. I don’t believe that marriage is necessarily a good idea on legal documents unless you have children together. I don’t believe in reincarnation. We have waves that cross one another (not crosses) that hold our human skin together. Love and life are miracles from God.

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