Diana Butler Bass responds to DJT Tweet

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2 Responses to Diana Butler Bass responds to DJT Tweet

  1. A tersest response to her is “I have no idea what she means.” Is this some cynical retort or an honest inquiry? What appears most tragic is how a human being can have spent so much time (and expense) doing ostensibly educative study and writing on what should be a foundational learning effort about humanity’s search to reveal the truth of what motivates so much human focus and activity, but rather than having learned something related to “wanting God” rather claims ignorance. Such a worldview and lack of understanding is tragic.
    The POTUS is fully qualified and authorized to express his opinion and any collective statement about what should be of interest to others. I share his enthusiasm and declare “I Want God.”

    • First, I think she was being dishonest about what the President meant, she full well knew what he meant just wanted him to look idiotic (not hard to do truthfully). But what I especially find cringe worthy is how she used qualifiers to signify her status before giving an opinion. The “hey look at me I’m special, I’m important, look at all my degrees, and books I’ve written, sermons I’ve done, trust me” then gives her, in my opinion, deceptive comment.

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