Nietzsche and the Deconstructed Evangelicals

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I also follow many of the better, more deep thinking, atheist and deconstruction offerings, and in my opinion, the concept of “Deconstruction” of Christian faith is poorly represented and largely misunderstood in the larger picture. It might sound strange, but I believe one of the best representations of the ongoing transformations of Christians on our way to Christ was expressed by one of the great Anti-Christians, Friedrich Nietzsche. (Ironic.) In my view, Nietzsche’s description of human transformations largely mirrors a Christian concept, quite vividly and accurately.

The first concept, which will be almost universally rejected by a community such as this, is that the Church is best seen as a kind of beginning, remedial, introduction into Christian thought, and that the Church, out of necessity, will offer a simplified, watered down, diluted version of Christian ideas, which could best be categorized as a kind of “Christian Messaging”. It is designed to appeal to as many people as possible, and the concepts are just thin enough to create a lot of discord between denominations.

Nietzsche’s Transformations of individuals, and how it relates to Christianity, Deconstruction, and the Church:

1. The Herd. This is where most individuals begin and live, following consensus and tradition, and many will attend Church without question, and will be very happy with the offerings of simple Christian Messaging, in order to make sense of deeper concepts.

2. The Camel. This is where the Church thrives. The camel is kind, helpful, self sacrificing, and eager to help others carry their burdens. This is where many Christians will end their journey, seeing Jesus in this light.

3. The Lion. This is when an individual transforms into a beast which MUST fight and defeat the fiercest Dragon, who goes by the name “Thou Shalt”. This is where Jordan Peterson lives, in my opinion. The Church is the primary earthly representative of the Dragon “Thou Shalt”, and it MUST be defeated, and an individual MUST become a lion to defeat it. This stage of transformation is brutal, harsh, difficult, filled with suffering and The Dark Night of the Soul.

4. The Child. If “Thou Shalt” is successfully defeated, an individual may become a child, and approach Jesus, God, the Divine, in a state of innocent creativity, no longer living under forced dogma and ideology, but becoming one with Eternity, Jesus, their own true individuality, and the God within us all.

I feel that Deconstruction of Christian faith is best seen as a necessary and valuable waypoint along the path. I often feel that we are all riding the same train, but we are simply pulling into VERY different stations, located along the same long, LONG stretch of track. Just my opinion, of course, but the more I ponder it, the more sense it makes to me.

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