How the boomers wrecked society by wanting to stay young comment

The majority of boomers rejected their roles. To be parents, to become elders, to guide the younger generation. They want to stay young forever. They not only rejected their roles they went a step further and promoted the rejection of roles to the next few generations. My mother always told me as a young girl never have children never get married it will ruin your life. And then at another time say that having children was the only good thing to happen to her in her life. Everything she believes is a contradiction like that. Communism will save humanity But actually no Christ will. She would say things like Jesus was a socialist. Now there’s a bunch young people who’ve bought into these ideologies and have long forgotten how to do basic things like how to have a functional family and how to work hard for it. We live in a time without elders. When I should have been preparing to go to college I was working a job to support my mother so she could finish her schooling. On my wedding day I had to comfort her. She moved out of the house leaving me at 17 and my sister at 15 so she could start her career in another city. Leaving us to pay a debt she took on. I am in the process of becoming Catholic and I won’t get a sponsor. Because there’s such a shortage of the older people willing to take their place as elders. I don’t say all this to throw a pity party but just to say that my story is very typical of people my age. My parents didn’t offer me the education or exposure to a genuine faith. That they had benefited from. So it’s up to me now to offer those things to my kids and take on the roles they rejected. This is why Jorden Peterson has become as big as he has. Because he’s one of the only Boomers being a genuine elder.

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