UK Dates and Appearances

John Van Donk will be in Birmingham 30th August at 7.30pm in The Baccus Bar. Paul will not be there because he’ll be visiting a friend in another town. This will be the only event Paul will not attend.

The next day, in Manchester 31 August we will be meeting 7.30pm at Kings Church Salford.
We will talk a bit about how and why to dialogue well and run a local estuary group

Look for the links in the comments section.

Then cross over to our friends in Northern Ireland and on 2nd September we have ‘The Meaning Crisis, Modernity, and the Christian Way Writer’, with writer Paul Kingsnorth, Deacon, and TV Presenter, Fr. Calvin Robinson

Then we fly back to London on Saturday, 3rd Saturday at Oakhill Collage in Southgate in North London,

We have two events we have at 4 pm we have a seminar on ‘Meaning Truth and Trust’ led by Kristi Mair who is doing a PDd in the work of Michael Polanyi and will be chaired by Podcaster and writer Glen Scrivener.

Then after that at 6.30 pm I discuss ‘mission and the meaning crisis’ with The historian Tom Holland and Glen Scrivener.

The following day Sunday 4th I’m be preaching at 10 am at Streatham central church in South London. Then in Streatham for a Q&A and Estuary at 5pm onward.

On Monday 5th I’ll be at Lee Abbey London near earls court Tube station, again we will talk bit about how and why to dialogue well and run a local estuary group

No, the next day Tuesday 6th of September, I’m to Salisbury in the West of England savouring the sights and sounds and then a chance to chinwag with a few people at an Evening meal at “The Pheasant” from 6.30, and a Discussion over drinks from 7.30pm Why not book and join us

If you’re in the UK it would be great to see you in real life!

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