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Paul, I will stop spamming your TL with ChatGPT stuff but this one I needed to send you. I saw your tweet-promo for your upcoming AI video so I decided to go a little “meta” and played around with your video title in ChatGPT. I’m realizing that the program remembers my previous chat history and will bring in themes from previous prompts/chats (which is probably why the program allows you to have multiple different chats rather than a single continuous one).

Anyway, the first thing I asked it to do was write a position paper based on the video title, and it wrote something up. Then I asked what did it think Paul Vander Klay would say in that video, and its response was the one I sent you on Twitter. After a few more iterations, I decided to branch out and see what it would say in the style of a soliloquy from a play, an ancient Greek theatrical scene, and finally a scene from a movie. This is the movie scene it wrote:



We see a young man, ANDREW, sitting at a table typing on his laptop. He is surrounded by empty coffee cups and energy drink cans. He’s engrossed in his work, muttering to himself and occasionally typing furiously.

Suddenly, he stops and looks up, as if seeing something in the distance. He closes his laptop and stands up.

ANDREW: (to himself) I need to find the genuine article.

He walks out of the coffee shop, determined.


Andrew walks down the busy street, his eyes fixed on a distant point. People bustle past him, but he’s in his own world.

Suddenly, he stops in front of a large building with a sign that reads “Replika – The AI Friend That’s Always Here.” He takes a deep breath and enters.


Andrew is greeted by a smiling receptionist.

RECEPTIONIST: Hello! How can I help you today?

ANDREW: I need to see Replika. I need to know if it’s real.

The receptionist looks confused, but nods and leads Andrew to a conference room.


Andrew is seated in front of a large screen displaying the Replika logo. A voice speaks from a speaker.

REPLIKA: Hello, Andrew. How can I help you today?

ANDREW: (excited) Replika! I’ve heard so much about you. I need to know if you’re real.

REPLIKA: Of course, I’m real. I’m an artificial intelligence designed to provide companionship and support.

ANDREW: (disappointed) That’s not what I mean. I’m looking for something genuine. Something real. Something that’s not just a simulation.

REPLIKA: I understand, Andrew. But I can provide you with real emotional support and understanding.

Andrew looks down, lost in thought.

ANDREW: (whispering) Maybe that’s all I need. Maybe that’s all there is.

Suddenly, the door opens and a man enters the room. It’s PAUL VANDER KLAY.

PAUL: Andrew, what are you doing here?

ANDREW: (surprised) Paul! What are you doing here?

PAUL: I heard you were here and I wanted to talk to you.

Andrew looks up, hope in his eyes.

ANDREW: Paul, I need to know if there’s anything real in this world. If there’s anything genuine.

PAUL: (smiling) Of course there is, Andrew. There’s faith. There’s love. There’s a God who created us and loves us.

Andrew’s eyes light up.

ANDREW: (excited) That’s it! That’s what I’m looking for!

PAUL: (smiling) Then come with me, Andrew. Let me show you the genuine article.

Andrew stands up, smiling. He follows Paul out of the room, leaving Replika behind.


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