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Peter’s Four Imperatives and two Images point to the Church

What do you believe? How do you know?  Is humanity responsible for climate change or are you a skeptic? Do vaccinations cause autism? Will cutting taxes juice the economy and thus raise more revenue for the government? Do diet sodas really … Continue reading

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1 Peter

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Tim Keller: “Our Call: Holy Living”

Notes I’m taking on Tim Keller’s sermon “Our Call: Holy Living” from 1 Peter 1:13-16 preached on May 18,2014 Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean just “turning over a new leaf”, but Jesus Christ’s resurrection power comes into our lives. That’s … Continue reading

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Why there are so many New Testament “submission” passages modern egalitarians bristle against?

Why So Many Submit Texts? In my men’s group we’re up to the submission section in 1 Peter 2:13f “Submit yourselves to every human authority for the sake of the Lord…” “House slaves submit in all fear to the despots, … Continue reading

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