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Why the CRC Needs To Figure Out What Confessions Are For?

The Confessional Church I’ve been doing a lot of writing on Synod and structure recently but increasingly conversations are turning towards our denomination as a confessional church. There are a number of reasons why I think this deserves more direct … Continue reading

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CRC Belhar move as part of broader USA Christianity Transition

This again was part of a CRC-Voices discussion, hence the names I left in. I was responsible for the subject heading and I stand behind the question. In our system of ecclesiology confessions are foundational documents. It is the deepest … Continue reading

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The Belhar: Adoption vs. Embrace

If I were Jerry Dykstra wouldn’t my #1 priority at this point have to be facilitating the process by which the CRC would come to a decision on the Belhar? If I were a member of the CRC BOT wouldn’t … Continue reading

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What's next for the CRC after the Belhar endorsement?

I started to watch a bit of the Belhar debate on the CRC website. The second speaker asked “what happens to office bearers who have already signed the FOS (Form of Subscription) when you add another confession?” That raises an … Continue reading

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