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Can an RCA Council End its Perpetual Struggle over LGBTQ Issues?

The Other Synod After a long day of advisory committee work at the CRCNA Synod the last thing I probably should do now is talk about the Synod I’m not at, the Synod or the RCA, but oh well. The … Continue reading

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Greg Alderman Proposes A Path to take on the Same Sex Marriage Question Head On in the RCA

RCA.org Text of the speech RCA Recommendations R-42a and R-42b RCA Journals, like minutes Special Council Approved

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The Magnitude of Theological Change implicit in “Inclusion” Demands A More Substantive Theology

Still Mulling and Probably Won’t Stop It’s the most Synodical time of the year and young delegates eyes all turn to the question of same sex marriage. When word broke this week that Tony Campolo “came out” I knew he … Continue reading

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Tim Keller’s review of Vine’s “God and the Gay Christian” and Wilson’s “Letter”

Tim Keller’s Piece Matthew Vine’s Response Ken Wilson’s response JRD Kirk on the Jesus and the Canaanite Woman and Tim Keller’s Response

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Seeing Gushee’s Treatment of LGBTQ Inclusion in the Light of our Larger Problem of Not Really Knowing What To Do With the Bible in our Secular Age

Link to David Gushee’s Talk at City Church San Francisco David Gushee at City Church San Francisco David Gushee recently did a Q/A at City Church San Francisco I assume as part of their process of exploring the inclusion of … Continue reading

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Conversation with David Gushee at City Church San Francisco

A few notes:

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Links Concerning Ken Wilson’s “Letter to My Congregation”

Links to Sites discussing Ken Wilson’s A Letter to my Congregation Summary of Ken Wilson’s Argument JRD Kirk’s post on Wilson at City Church Part 2 Interview with Ken Wilson Think Theology Review Pt 1 Lots of links on ALTMC posted by … Continue reading

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A Little Culture War Chiasmus

A. Why Isn’t the Bible or the Church So Obviously Better?!  This question in my experience is the seedbed of skepticism and doubt for Christians and non-Christians alike especially when it comes to specific practicalities of life. B. 20th Century … Continue reading

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What I want from my Conversation with Bryan and Others.

OK, I’m Game I’ve been wanting to talk.  Today Bryan Berghoef on his blog Pub Theologian wrote a piece to discuss, well, lots of things. Let’s walk through it. Some may say “shouldn’t you do this privately?” Bryan and I don’t know … Continue reading

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Riders, Elephants, Why there is probably no “third way” yet we must find “a way” through the question of same sex couples

Moral Feelings In August of 2013 Thabiti Anyabwile set off an Internet firestorm with his TGC post on the “Ick Factor” in the discussion of gay marriage. One blogger wrote “Your Gagging Isn’t Loving”  While you can’t base community morality … Continue reading

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