Conversation with David Gushee at City Church San Francisco

A few notes:

29:40 on creation order

A Copernican shift in terms of sexual orientation and we should implicitly re-read the Bible on those terms as we do with cosmology.

Minute 32: “5% of the world can’t find a suitable partner.”

Really? What does this statement mean? What does this do to single, widowed, disabled, or those in difficult marriages?

1:11 5 Books he Recommends (+ his)


Two cultural narratives out there

  • surrender to cultural decadence
  • movement from less love to more love, less justice to more justice, from marginalization to inclusion. The gospel being more fully realized. (he takes the second, obviously).

He’s writing the 16 year old who wants to hurt himself, rejected by parents, fearing he’ll never be accepted in the church. Churches where we’re not shepherding all of the sheep, just some of them.

1:15: Not primarily a sexual ethics issue

  • it is a youth mental health issue
  • it is a family wholeness issue
  • it is a christian issue
  • human dignity issue, sacred worth of each person issue
  • a gospel issue, are those who say “yes” to Jesus equal in the church on the same terms as everyone else?
  • “my sexual ethics hasn’t changed. People should make and keep covenants or they should be celibate.”

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