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Why Neither the Religious Right nor Secular Left Can Address American Religious Pluralism

Before the Culture War Combatants in civil wars are usually relatives, fighting over something both sides wish to share. George Marsden without addressing it directly attempts to trace back the roots of the present culture war to the time when … Continue reading

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20th Century Voices in the CRC: The Civil Rights Strain and the New Morality

Guns AND Butter The Second World War banished the fantasy of isolation for the nation. The US had to commit and sacrifice to bring down Japan and Germany and that mobilization required that the walls of insular religious communities like … Continue reading

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20th Century Voices in the CRC: The Evangelical Strain, From Hawthorne Gospel to Willow Creek

Hawthorne Gospel For the North Jersey CRCs it was Hawthorne Gospel. They were the non-denominational mega church before we talked about these things. They had the Christian bookstore in the area that we would go to, book and trinkets with … Continue reading

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Will Natural CRC and RCA Factionalism Stall Collaboration or Can It Become A Space to Seek Revival From?

The Bible as A Record of Squabbling for the LORD A majority of the Bible is occupied by tussling between people who consciously profess allegiance to the LORD or over which the LORD lays formal claim. The LORD makes covenant with patriarchs and tries to … Continue reading

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