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The Classical Transitional Specialist

The Mess in the Middle A fully functioning Classis is vital to the health and future of the CRCNA. Classis continues to be a puzzle and a problem for the CRC. On CRC Voices over the last month we’ve been … Continue reading

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Developing a Culture of Clergy Self-Leadership: Ideal Classis Series

Four Strategic Challenge Facing the Church Today In our context of deep and rapid chance the most important challenge the church faces is developing leaders in the church that can do the following: Discern the times: With multiple challenges confronting a … Continue reading

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Classis and Size

Best Size is a perpetual challenge for most classes. Part of the size dilemma is that there are many size aspect challenges all at once: Geographical size: how does travel time and cost impact frequency of physical meetings? Financial Resources: … Continue reading

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The Ideal Classis Series

In pondering the Synodical level structure conversation I’ve been doing some thinking about Classis. This isn’t just blogging stuff for me, in Classis Central California we’ve been struggling to figure out how to do Classis nearly constantly ever since I’ve been … Continue reading

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