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Rob Bell Supersoul Sunday

Oprah Network  

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How We Use Spirituality to Give Us the Life We want, and why it always fails

What about in good times? There are very definite patterns in the book of Judges in the Old Testament. Israel disobeys, or does not follow through on their promises or obligations, God delivers them into the hands of a more … Continue reading

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Mutual of Oprah’s Wild Kingdom and the Limits of the Buffered Self

Mutual of Oprah’s Wild Kingdom I’ve watched some of Oprah’s miniseries. The production values are very high. The presentation is beautiful and winsome. Care is clearly taken to allow the diverse religions and spiritualities to have their own voice The … Continue reading

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Oprah “Belief” mini-series links

Diana Butler Bass in WaPo Dreher: The Great Oprahstasy Ancient Faith Radio (Orthodox)  (three kinds of “belief”) As he says in Believing: An Historical Perspective, belief once referred to our commitment to a manifest truth. Summarizing Smith’s summary, “I believe in … Continue reading

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Oprah’s “Seeker” Episode of Belief

https://goo.gl/photos/GVHT7cbBRWokbDSy5 Video link This is a little clip from the Oprah “Belief” show. What interests me is the filter, the chair the film maker and narrator place the watcher within. This is a story of a young Indian-American woman who … Continue reading

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