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Same Sex Marriage as Theological Crisis for the CRC

The Standard Narrative of Progressive Liberationism Many Americans, Christian or not assume a narrative that lines up the following into a new American civil rights manifest destiny. In the American Civil War and Abolitionist movement American abolished slavery In the … Continue reading

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What the 5 Daughters of Zelophehad Reveals about our Narrative of Progressive Liberation and the Mission of God

“The Bible is against Women, Especially the Old Testament” This is something I regularly hear either spoken outright or intimated. “women were treated as property, not persons” “women were not free to express themselves, their desires, needs or rights” “women … Continue reading

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The SCOTUS Decision as a “Come to Jesus” Moment for CRC Middlers in the context of Progressive Liberationism

Progressive Liberationism: The Eschatalogical Doppleganger The narrative of progressive liberationism has become the dominant moral definer in the West. Churches that used to imagine themselves as the deciders of morality are now commonly judged as being immoral. It defines how … Continue reading

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Dianna Anderson Writes About How Liberation Theology Saved Her

It’s Time for White People to Be Quiet and Listen Baylor is also the place that introduced me to the wonder of liberation theology – theology that saved my faith, that kept me from losing myself in the spiral of … Continue reading

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