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Would the World Allow Anyone Who Could Raise the Dead to Live?

Iranian Cleric Raises the Dead Imagine an Iranian cleric raised a man who was dead for four days. What would happen? First there would be skepticism. Surely this didn’t happen. Let’s say that there was documentation. Dead for four days, … Continue reading

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Notes from “In the Beginning” by Tim Keller

Preached by Tim Keller January 5 2014 Passage is the Prologue of the Gospel of John It begins with a claim The word is personal The word is divine This person was never created the source of all life That … Continue reading

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Katy Perry, the Samaritan Woman of John 4 and what it means to be a Christian

Most of what I know about Katy Perry I know from reading articles from the Christianity Today website (here and here). That makes me feel super uncool and evangelical, but oh well… Katy’s story (for those of you like me … Continue reading

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