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Two women, the kings and the nations

The book of Revelation ends with an interesting tale of two cities. Augustine didn’t get this stuff out of thin air. Revelation 17:1 begins with one of the angels from the seven plagues giving John a tour of the whore … Continue reading

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What helps me to NOT believe the world is flat

I wrote this for a friend at Calvin-in-Common who was sharing how he listens to Handel’s Messiah with longing. He loves the music but has come to doubt the texts it is built upon. Tolkien is one of my Christmas … Continue reading

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Why we love Rocky from the first movie

Everyone knows the first Rocky movie was the best of the bunch for lots of reasons. Rocky in that movie exhibits a quality which we recognize but don’t wish for ourselves. Rocky can endure. He says of himself that he … Continue reading

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Can we right injustice?

Raise your hand if you feel yourself to be the victim of injustice… Identify the guilty party and seat them in the chair opposite your own… Please state clearly the remedy you believe this injustice requires the guilty party to … Continue reading

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