Twitter Updates for 2009-07-21

  • RT @culturemaking: Forty years ago today, Presbyterian elder and astronaut Buzz Aldrin celebrated communion on the moon. #
  • RT @TimBlackmon: 4 a country 2 have a gr8 writer is lk having a 2nd gov'ment. That is y no regime has evr loved gr8 writers, only minor ones #
  • RT @tonystiff: "The church is called, in its own life and community, 2 give evidence of the new life – not just to wait around" Wolterstorff #
  • RT @JohnPiper: Our era too is "a period in history, with many unquestioned assumptions that later generations will find absurd." CS Lewis #
  • RT @ZonderAcademic: Calvinist? Arminian? Craig Blomberg blogs Why I'm Calminian #
  • RT @thinkchristian: Bruno and the limits of Christian compassion. (@LarsenOnFilm) #
  • contra @MichaelHyatt, McNair tragedy wasn't ONE bad choice, but a pattern, intentionality won't necessarily save you #
  • RT @tonystiff: Miroslav Volf, "Love's Memory: Redemptive Remembering." A shorter version of his book. #
  • RT @dahornor: Shazzam!!! One thoughtful modern female convert runs smack into "wives submit" don't miss this piece! #
  • via @jrdkirk Bauckham on Jesus with wild animals in Mark, on theological interpretation #
  • RT @paulapoundstone: My train of thought crashed today. I was using my cell phone while driving it. #
  • RT @tonystiff: Great lecture in PDF form by Lesslie Newbigin, "The Bible: Good News for Secularized People" #
  • Quote of the day: “Quiet people have opinions too.” – Dan Evans #
  • RT @culturemaking: Astronauts in frock coats and a Mission Control populated by wizards: a 1902 film of the moon landing #
  • Liberal churches die, conservative churches lie, where individualism takes us #
  • RT @ahc: Microcredit does not reduce poverty. Or does it? A summary of recent research from The Economist: #
  • GOP math #
  • Why we say yes to drugs "altering one's consciousness is a fundamental human desire" #
  • social history of baby sitting from Salon #
  • There is nothing more dangerous to authentic community than our dreams for it because we love those dreams more than the people around us. #
  • RT @TimBlackmon: there is nothing more dangerous… previous quote was a RT from Tim, thanks Tim. Tim's the prettiest preacher on twitter #
  • Time: reconsidering how AIDS in Africa plays out btwn heteros and gays #
  • Time piece on comedy at Saddleback. Lots of cliches about Xian culture, some true, some not #
  • Can anyone "set the record straight" and still be a post-modern? #
  • Let's not be naive about what learning from diversity requires #
  • RT @JohnPiper: Why John Piper tweets, very Piper but/and (depending on your take on Piper) worth reading. #

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