Son of Sam Reflects on His Past Self

NY Daily News Interview with David Berkowitz the 44 Caliber Killer.

Sitting in the prison’s visitors room dressed in a bright yellow polo and green elastic waist pants, Berkowitz grimaced when he recalled the past.

“I tell you, I felt like I was under demonic control,” he said. “I don’t even recognize that person. ‘Son of Sam’ represents evil and satanic things. That person is like a total stranger to me now.”

Ten years into his prison sentence, Berkowitz became a born-again Christian. Over the years, he has taken on various prison ministries.
“Some guys call me Pops,” he said. “I’m like a grandfather figure to some of them.”

But, he added, “Even here, guys can’t get over my past. They hold grudges. I try to keep a low profile but not everyone likes me. They keep their distance though, they don’t bother me.”

Each day, there’s a 5:30 a.m. wakeup for food service, and he spends two to four hours in the morning on his electric typewriter (he’s not allowed on a computer and he’s computer illiterate) writing letters to his friends, preparing the youth messages. He studies the Bible.

His afternoons are spent working at the prison’s Intermediate Care Program, a 64-man housing unit for prisoners with mental health issues.

“I enjoy working with them. It’s one of the gifts God has given me,” he said. “I’ve walked in their shoes. I know what it is like to struggle with depression and suicide attempts and despair. I feel needed there.”

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