NY Times “What’s So Bad About A Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress”


I found this to be a fascinating article and it brought up issues I had never thought about. There are also some very strong competing narratives:

1. Is identity received (either by society, family, religion, genetics) or achieved (expression, choice, aspirations)?

2. The sexual revolution gave nearly a complete green light to women chosing or expressing themselves in nearly every area of male behavior: dress, sexual aggressiveness and/or promiscuity, sports, drinking, cussing, smoking, career, etc. A huge piece of women’s liberation was “a woman can __________ like a man, period.” but of course it didn’t go the other way.

3. Pathology is both expanding (many choices in the past that were considered to be moral issues are now pathology, not morality) but also retreating (out of boundary gender expression viewed as choice rather than pathology). Fascinating.

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