Peter Enns, N.D. Wilson, and James: Mouths open and shut

I read some of Peter Enns blog posts earlier this week. I find Peter helpful because he tries to both keep his crunchy faith and wrestle seriously with contemporary biblical criticism. He shows guts in this.

In this post he echoes the psalmist when he sees the greatness of the universe and appreciates what type of being is capable of making this.

In this post he acknowledges something deep within himself

“This post appeared on the Creative Trust Literary Group website a few months ago, which is the agency I signed on with last year to help me in my quest to dominate the universe with my thoughts on God, Jesus, and the Bible. They suggested I dial down my goals a bit to something more doable and less stupid, but I signed on with them anyway.”

In Genesis 1 God makes the world with words. The book of James (chapter 3) suggests that words create the world and govern our bodies. Peter Enns (and most everyone) tries to dominate the universe with words.

N.D. Wilson suggests

This is a spoken world— from galaxies to inchworms, from seraphs to electrons to meter maids, every last thing was and is shaped ex nihilo. It— and we— all exist as beats and rhythms and rhymes in the cosmic and constant word art of the Creator God. To fully embrace and attempt to apply such a vision is . . . dizzying.

Wilson, N. D. (2013-07-30). Death by Living: Life Is Meant to Be Spent (Kindle Locations 51-54). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

and back to James: “who can control the tongue”

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