What Was #CRCSynod 2014?

DSC03511I’ve got a couple of hours to kill in the Minneapolis airport and I made progress on the sermon this morning so it isn’t a bad time to do some initial reflecting on Synod.

The Let-The-Process-Work Synod

From the Banner controversy to the Wisconsin request for a study committee on the historicity of Adam at each turn Synod decided to stay the course. The sleeper issue turned out to be the EIRC report on the PCN which came down to a very close vote but also affirmed the long term process of the committee.

The New-Leadership Synod

Synod was also accepting of the committee work that presented it with a new Executive Director and a new Director of Canadian Ministries. Synod seemed quite happy with both choices

The Watching-and-Waiting Synod

Synod listened to a lot of talk about denominational restructuring but didn’t have any decisions to make on it. I’ll write more about structure and culture in the weeks to come.

The Advisory-Committee-Is-Synod Synod

I can’t think of a single advisory committee recommendations that was voted down. The only vote that was taken electronically was the EIRC vote on the PCN, no other vote was very close.

There were a number of testimonies coming out of the advisory committees of appreciation for their leadership. The advisory committee that had to handle the Wisconsin Overture and the one that had to handle the Banner overtures both came with singular reports despite the fact that members reported being far apart from each other entering the process. This bears witness to good leadership who could clearly hear the concerns of diverse opinions and lead them to satisfactory compromise. This is in fact one of the main roles of Synod, to find the path to unity amid diversity.

The New-Day-With-The-RCA Synod

The adoption of the Lund Principle established a principle to guide the increasing collaboration of the two denominations. As I said before it is an audacious declaration to make and only time will tell if either side is serious about what entails. So far CRC/RCA collaboration has been about ecumenical low hanging fruit. All the hard stuff remains ahead of us. Do we want this? Why do we want this? Is our division conscionable?

Decisions Ahead

Wait-and-See Synods lead to Synods that need to make decisions. Synods usually make decisions incrementally. We’ll see what Synod 2015 brings. The irony of the Synodical year is that it’s only 8 months long. By the end of February the BOT meeting will have set the stage for the coming June. Stay Tuned.

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2 Responses to What Was #CRCSynod 2014?

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  2. Jerry Dykstra says:

    Your description of Synod 2014 brings paints a picture of peace at any price, rubber stamp, whatever you say, don’t rock the boat, status quo. I hope I am misreading your report but I do miss the days of thoughtful full scale debates, George VanderWeit passion, and deep reflection.

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