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My Initial Read of the 2015 TFRSC Report: From Voltron to Kickstarter

Thank the Committee The 2015 Agenda for Synod is out complete with the final report from the Task Force Reviewing Structure and Culture. This committee has done a lot of work over the last few years. They have clearly done a … Continue reading

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Why Synods Make Me Cry

Synods I got home late last night after making my way across the country through the storms. In this last year it seems like every time I need to travel for Synod (or ED search) storms disrupt my air travel plans. … Continue reading

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Advisors and the Collateral Benefits of Synod

Ethnic Advisors The last substantive motion of CRCSynod 2014 came from the floor. The restoration of the ethnic advisors. Ethnic advisors have served Synod for a number of years due to the lack of ethnic diversity. The plan was for … Continue reading

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What Was #CRCSynod 2014?

I’ve got a couple of hours to kill in the Minneapolis airport and I made progress on the sermon this morning so it isn’t a bad time to do some initial reflecting on Synod. The Let-The-Process-Work Synod From the Banner … Continue reading

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Overture 18 on Adam and Eve, To Study or Not to Study is really NOT the Question

Overture 18 from Classis Wisconsin While the Banner gets all the sizzle the massive overture from Classis Wisconsin deserves the prize for most ambitious. The overture lays out the teachings not only of the Walhout who wrote  one of the scorned … Continue reading

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