Dallas Willard Here to determine the truth

Christians aren’t here to win an argument.

Also the real issue isn’t what happens in this life but whether this life is really all there is.

33:15 “If you can find a better way than Jesus Christ offers he would be the first person to tell you to take it. And if you don’t believe that about him then you can’t be his disciple because you could never trust him.”

33:55 “Put the teachings to the test of life. Do the same for the other world views. If I am just my brain and everything I’m thinking and doing is just chemistry I want to know that. I’m not trying to hide from that. The big issue is not if you’re going to stop existing. If you’re going to stop existing you’re out, it’s like going to the dentist. It will be unpleasant for a while but it will be over. The real problem comes if you’re NOT going to stop existing.

And then honestly compare. Don’t just rest on our intellectually respectable prejudices.”

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