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Dallas Willard Here to determine the truth

Christians aren’t here to win an argument. Also the real issue isn’t what happens in this life but whether this life is really all there is. 33:15 “If you can find a better way than Jesus Christ offers he would … Continue reading

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Dallas Willard YouTube on Divine Conspiracy

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“How is a worldview taught?” Dallas Willard

Book recommendation by Willard. The making of the modern university You are in a system that teaches a worldview without responsibly defending it. How is a worldview taught? Mainly its taught be body language, facial expressions, tones of voice and inflections, … Continue reading

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Why Those Who Off-Shore Their Treasures Beyond the Age of Decay Inherit the Earth

You Can Survive Almost Any How If You Have a Why Yesterday’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled Self Help nicely illustrated the work of Victor Frankl. We learn Abraham’s backstory and what created his bond with Eugene. It illustrates … Continue reading

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