Jordan Peterson on the makings of Tyrants and Tyranny

Hitler wasn’t born a tyrant. He was co-created with his context, enabled and reinforced.

It’s also doubtful that when tyranny really gets going it’s just the people at the top who are wrong. No, it permeates all the way down and it affords no challenges.

Quotes from these observations on tyrannies.

Why do they bother putting people through a trial and and making them confess? Why do they need your collaboration?

They’re not willing to let you stand in opposition to the rules. The mere fact that you do that means that you exist as something that is allowed to exist outside the rules, and they’re not having any of that. …

The drama of collaboration. The idea that there are good people just following orders, you can forget about that. When the society becomes tyrannical like that the tyranny exists at every single level of the society. You tyrannize your own conscience.

Let’s say you’re a true believer in Marxist utopia or National Socialism Third Reich. That’s supposed to be a perfect state and that’s already been delivered to you. In so far as you’re a true believer your own suffering becomes heretical. To the degree that you are suffering you’re living proof that the system isn’t delivering what it’s supposed to deliver. So you have to suppress that.  You have to become your own tyrant. You can’t admit that anything has gone wrong. You can’t talk about it to your family because one out of three of them are government informers just like everyone and you’re certainly not going to mention it in the workplace because unless you’re a devout communist party member you’re not going anywhere. If any of your ancestors were landowners or bourgeoisie your done due to class guilt.  Every level of the bureaucracy is like that but on the top is a tyrant and the tyrant is everywhere. From the peak to the soul it’s all tyranny. Everyone participates in that by lying about everything.

There are applications here for evangelical tyrannies too.

“You tyrannize your own conscience. Your own suffering becomes heretical. You have to suppress that and you have to become your own tyrant.”

There’s also something here about the existence of hell.

Hell, rather than annihilationism is God’s way of not being a tyrant. He won’t allow the rebellion to spoil his project of glory but neither will he allow it to make him into a tyrant. He will allow the rebellion to go on, he just won’t allow it in his presence. There is a deep respect for his creation in this and a deep tolerance.

In a sense its up to the damned to then do just as they’ve always wanted to do, to construct their own world.

Their challenge, however, is that where they are thrown is back into chaos. It is not a mistake that most of the images of the Bible of hell are chaos images: sea of fire, outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, that in the new heavens and earth there isn’t any sea, isn’t any darkness, etc.

“OK, you want to be me (God). I began with chaos and out of it I crafted a good world. This is your chance, you the devil, his angels, and all the people who would like to follow along. Go for it. I won’t bother you anymore. I never will so there can be no excuse that Yhwh is going to burst in on your. It’s yours. I promise.”

And Aslan roars as when the White Witch asked if he would keep his bargain for Edmund.

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